ATHENS removals from 48 € + tax. Transfers to all over Greece!

Cheap and safe moving!

  • Experienced and trusted staff.
  • Packing and full protection of furniture, glassware, etc.
  • Lifting machinery.
  • Special rates for students.
  • Removals & Transportation Company
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  • Household supplies within Attica and throughout Greece.


Removals & Shipping Company Several years of removals service ensures consistency and
safety in any kind of reasonably priced removals. We provide you with the modern solution
in removals, our company undertakes the relocation of households, offices, companies all
over Greece. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities and the best in-house removals: Free
packaging as needed.

 Fast service, affordable prices, experienced staff!! Request Quote
 Free quote for your move!
 Moving with lifting machinery.
 We also have small trucks to move around in tight areas.
 Experienced and trusted staff.
 Packaging of furniture, glass and other fragile items for safe transport.
 We also pack in small items (clothes, books, plates, glasses, gadgets, etc.)
 We disconnect electrical appliances.
 Disassembly and assembly of furniture.
 We provide technical support. Request Quote!
 We provide comprehensive transportation and relocation services.
 Transportation - Moving Services Packages

1. Removals of home offices and shops etc.
2. Lifting removal.
3. Transport company specializes in transportation, removals
4. Moving to Attica and all over Greece.
5. Distribution to agencies and stores.
6. Rental only truck or elevator.
7. We provide comprehensive transportation and relocation services.
8. Request a Quote
And we also have the most up-to-date lifting machinery - removals and vehicles for the safe
and fast transportation of your household, electrical and mechanical equipment, wherever
you are (within Greece).