ATHENS removals from 48 € + tax. Transfers to all over Greece!


φορτηγό-ενoικίασηOur company provides truck rental! Offers complete solutions to transport whatever you
want, moving and moving objects is easy!

You can rent equipment, we offer a complete solution to your needs for lifting, transportation or moving at affordable prices and in the way and for the time you desire.

Machines and trucks are provided for as long as needed, in whatever area you desire, whatever your needs…

ΣTwo lifting machines are available for rent at the Lifting Room.

Our machines have a large folding arm that reaches 30m in height, meaning they can handle lifting and moving in tall buildings up to 10 floors. In addition, we provide low volume machinery allowing greater flexibility in narrow access roads.

Our privately owned or co-owned trucks are available for hire in the transport area in order to transport any household or mechanical equipment.